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November 13, 201909:30 AM
November 13, 201908:00 AM
The Personality Trait Bill Gates Looks for When Hiring Great Leaders |…
November 12, 201908:00 AM
What the Lean Startup Method Gets Right and Wrong | The Harvard Business Journal
November 11, 201909:57 AM
What are temporary orders? Divorce, or a child custody suit, is already a stressful time for families. A common part of either suit is the implementation of temporary orders. Now, temporary orders do not refer solely to restraining orders or protective orders. Temporary orders ...
November 11, 201908:00 AM
IRS Announces Changes in Retirement Contributions in 2020 and More |…
November 10, 201912:00 PM
November 9, 201908:00 AM
Better Companies and Happier Employees: Mindful Leadership |
Servant Leadership: Kirker…
November 8, 201903:00 PM
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November 8, 201908:00 AM
Is Your Strategy A "Blue Ocean Strategy" | Harvard Business Review
November 7, 201912:00 PM
November 6, 201912:00 PM
Join is in congratulating Candice, an experienced trial attorney providing excellent advocacy for clients! See more…
November 6, 201908:00 AM
November 5, 201912:02 PM
The Best Way to Practice Leadership Skills | Harvard Business Review
November 5, 201908:00 AM
November 4, 201902:50 PM
The Most Valuable Lessons These 3 Founders Learned From Their Mentors |…
November 4, 201907:00 AM
Parenting Together, Living Apart - Resources, Videos, Guides, Calendars, and Links | Office of the Attorney General…
November 3, 201907:01 AM
Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things |…
November 1, 201911:40 AM
Divorce statistics Contact today our divorce lawyers at Kirker Davis.The post Divorce statistics appeared first on Kirker Davis LLP.
October 28, 201904:00 AM
Know Your Worth Everyone should know the consequences of divorce prior to seeking one. Most people think that they know the basics: divorce legally ends the marriage, it divides the marital property, and it allocates child custody between the parents. But not everyone ...
October 21, 201904:00 AM
Can I Have a Jury Trial for My Divorce in Texas? Short answer: in general, yes. Typically, when a divorce goes to trial it as a bench trial with the judge issuing a final decision on all matters of contention. However, Texas is actually one of only a few states that ...
October 14, 201904:00 AM
The Impact of Infidelity on Divorce in Texas In order to obtain a divorce in Texas, a petitioner must prove to the court that there is at least one ground for granting the divorce. Texas law divides grounds for divorce into two categories:

No-fault grounds
Fault grounds.

The ...
October 8, 201909:19 AM
Pet Custody in Texas Divorces While many people consider their pet(s) a part of the family and love them just like a child, Texas child custody laws do not apply to pets. Rather, for the purposes of divorce, pets are characterized as either separate or ...
September 23, 201911:30 AM
What is a Geographic Restriction? Geographic Restriction
In child custody cases, a geographic restriction limits where a child’s primary residence may be. Such a restriction may be important if, for instance, one parent tries to move away with the child, thereby hindering the other parent’s ...
September 17, 201911:00 AM
50/50 custody? 50/50 custody? What exactly does that mean?
“Custody” is a term that is commonly used and comprises multiple aspects of the parent-child relationship, including: conservatorship (rights and duties); possession and access (the schedule of time with the children); and child ...
September 9, 201904:30 AM
Out Of State Divorces My Spouse and I Live in Different States Now, Can I Still Get Divorced in Texas?
Spouses often decide to “take a break” and live separately for a while and sometimes the spouses live separately in different states. (Don’t forget ...
September 2, 201904:00 AM
An Introduction to Premarital Agreements Premarital agreements, also called prenuptial agreements, are a great tool in protecting the interests of you and your soon-to-be spouse. Premarital agreements can be the source of contention for many couples. A few commonly asked questions and topics to consider ...

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Kirker Davis LLP is a boutique divorce and family law firm in Central Texas with a focus on high-end family law cases. We handle divorces involving professionals, family-owned businesses, custody matters, and complex litigation. The Firm’s core business philosophy is based on fidelity to the practice of law and a commitment to client service.
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8310 N Capital of Texas Hwy #350
Austin, TX 78731

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