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Six Practices That Will Improve Your Management Skills | Forbes
December 9, 201901:36 PM
Mediation involves a neutral third party, a mediator, who helps the couple reach an agreement on settling the case.…
December 9, 201903:00 AM
What exactly is mediation? There are several ways to settle legal disputes, and one of those ways is through mediation. Mediation is especially beneficial in divorce proceedings because it saves the parties time and money and typically leads to a more satisfactory conclusion for ...
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December 5, 201908:00 AM
The Art of Persuasion Remains the Same for the Last 2,000 Years | Harvard Business Review…
December 4, 201908:01 AM
Get Control Of Your Life By Controlling What You Pay Attention To | Harvard Business Review…
December 2, 201902:00 PM
December 2, 201903:00 AM
A Guide to Common Law Marriage and Divorce Common law marriages, referred to officially as “Informal Marriages,” are considered to be just as valid as formal marriages under Texas law. To be considered informally married in Texas, the couple must provide evidence that they:

Agreed to be married,
December 1, 201910:00 AM
November 30, 201910:00 AM
November 29, 201902:00 PM
Make Sure to Check Out the Rooftop Rink at Whole Foods Market Downtown for Holiday Fun! Here until January 20, 2020…
November 29, 201909:00 AM
New Changes to Come to Austin's Skyline | Austin Business Journal
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November 18, 201910:04 AM
What to discuss during your first meeting with a divorce attorney Whether it is you or your spouse who is contemplating divorce, there is no doubt that it is a difficult and emotionally taxing time. Meeting with a divorce attorney is essential to discuss your circumstances and help you navigate the ...
November 13, 201902:53 PM
Tips for Transferring Home Ownership After Divorce It is imperative that you properly execute documents to reflect the transfer of legal title in a residence, or other real property.  Failure to do so is often felt at the least opportune times.  For example, when the title to ...
November 11, 201909:57 AM
What are temporary orders? Divorce, or a child custody suit, is already a stressful time for families. A common part of either suit is the implementation of temporary orders. Now, temporary orders do not refer solely to restraining orders or protective orders. Temporary orders ...
November 1, 201911:40 AM
Divorce statistics Contact today our divorce lawyers at Kirker Davis.The post Divorce statistics appeared first on Kirker Davis LLP.
October 28, 201904:00 AM
Know Your Worth Everyone should know the consequences of divorce prior to seeking one. Most people think that they know the basics: divorce legally ends the marriage, it divides the marital property, and it allocates child custody between the parents. But not everyone ...
October 21, 201904:00 AM
Can I Have a Jury Trial for My Divorce in Texas? Short answer: in general, yes. Typically, when a divorce goes to trial it as a bench trial with the judge issuing a final decision on all matters of contention. However, Texas is actually one of only a few states that ...
October 14, 201904:00 AM
The Impact of Infidelity on Divorce in Texas In order to obtain a divorce in Texas, a petitioner must prove to the court that there is at least one ground for granting the divorce. Texas law divides grounds for divorce into two categories:

No-fault grounds
Fault grounds.

The ...
October 8, 201909:19 AM
Pet Custody in Texas Divorces While many people consider their pet(s) a part of the family and love them just like a child, Texas child custody laws do not apply to pets. Rather, for the purposes of divorce, pets are characterized as either separate or ...

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Kirker Davis LLP is a boutique divorce and family law firm in Central Texas with a focus on high-end family law cases. We handle divorces involving professionals, family-owned businesses, custody matters, and complex litigation. The Firm’s core business philosophy is based on fidelity to the practice of law and a commitment to client service.
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8310 N Capital of Texas Hwy #350
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